Scope of Services

The medical gastroenterological diagnostics we offer include:

1. Gastroenterological endoscopy

Gastroscopy (esophagogastroduodenoscopy)

Colonoscopy (ileocolonoscopy), including removal of polyps, performed as preventive measure for people with statutory health insurance and people who are 55 years old or older.

Anoscopy (proctoscopy), including treatment of hemorrhoids

Endoscopic hemostasis (argon beam, laser, treatment by injection, application of clips, ligation of esophageal varices)

ERCP (endoscopic imaging of pancreas and bile ducts, including therapeutic measures)

Endoscopic ultrasound (endosonography), including fine-needle biopsy

Insertion of gastric feeding tubes (PEG)

Removal of foreign bodies

Bougienage and lasering of constricted passages (stenoses)

Insertion of stents (esophagus, intestines, biliary tracts)

Capsule endoscopy of the small intestine

Function tests (H2 breathing test for fructose, lactose, and xylose intolerance, intestinal bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine)

2. Ultrasound (Sonography)

Abdominal organs, including fine-needle biopsy for procuring tissue specimens, if necessary

Heart (Doppler echocardiography), thyroid, including fine-needle biopsy, if necessary

Chest area (thorax), including fine-needle biopsy, if necessary

Imaging of neck, stomach, leg, and arm vessels (venous/arterial, using Doppler and duplex methods)

3. Cardio-pulmonary diagnostics

Resting ECG
Exercise Tolerance ECG
Long-term ECG monitoring
Long-term blood pressure measurement
Pulmonary function analysis

4. General check-up

Physical exam
Cardio-pulmonary check-up
Ultrasound (Sonography)
Preventive colonoscopy
Radiological exams (CT, MRI)

5. Dietary counseling

Metabolic Balance® (individual and group consultations)

6. Special consultation

Chronic-inflammatory intestinal diseases
(Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease)
Liver diseases